Body, mind, and soul are the three distinct parts that make up who we are. Balance between the three is key in order for someone to appreciate who they are, and to live their life to the fullest. The three are interconnected and a weakness or imbalance in one of these aspects can be crippling to the others. For example, severe emotional stress can cause high blood pressure in what is considered to be a healthy body.

The Soul, or Spirit, is the inner part of ourselves that inspires our life. It is the spiritual nature of humankind. It is the incorporeal essence of humankind, and is thought to be separable from our body at death. It can be seen as our intuition, the higher self, or just our connection with the universe. For some, the soul is the real part of who we are, constantly learning new things while never-changing in immortal life. Emotions like desire stem from our souls. Desires are aimed at things that are transient; things that go away and die but will give us pleasure.

The Mind is man’s factory of thinking, reasoning, and applying knowledge. It is partly our conscience, plus memory and experience, intelligence, feelings, emotions, will, and imagination. Our mind is where we decide how to take pleasure, what we should do to achieve it, and how it should be fulfilled. It is what controls our body, and the mind is not only considered to be the “brain” but considered to be spread throughout the entire body. It is synonymous with thought, which is an individual’s private conversation with himself in his head. The mind is the bridge that covers the gap between the Soul and Body.

The Body is the vessel for both the Mind and Soul. It is our physical part and the way we interact with people and the World. In a sense, the body is the way we exist in the world. The body is what enables interaction to further strengthen the spirit and the mind and without the body we would not be able to reach our maximum potential.

This site discusses topics about body, mind, soul, empowerment, and other important topics for self-improvement. In the body section you will be able to find posts about nutrition, diet, sports, and anything relating to physical activity and physical stimulation to enhance the body. The mind section will contain posts about how we think, and reasoning and logic, morality, and why people act certain ways and so on. The soul section will be for spiritual guidance and to further understand who you are and acceptance of yourself. The section empowerment will contain posts about confidence, self-empowerment, loving yourself, coping with stress, and so on. And finally the other topics section will have posts on holistic healing as a whole, the importance of balance between body, mind, and soul. and different approaches to developing a more beneficial lifestyle.


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